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There are plenty of reasons to buy flowers, but alot many reasons to pick a particular florist. Florists from all over your area will compete for your business by offering competitive pricing, special arrangements, or even just having friendlier service. One of these companies goes by the name of Silicon Florist and they pride themselves on being the best in the business.



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Silicon Florist VS. WIRE SERVICES

Silicon Florist does not use a wire service, which means there is no middleman or other people taking commissions from the actual florists. You are able to receive a high quality arrangement the first time around without worry of diminishing quality due to financial reasons. When you call the store, instead of being bounced around by other people to claim a commission you will talk to a professional, certified florist who will began work on your bouquet for the right price. Another reason to choose Silicon Florist is due to the fact that they only sell online. You may want to go local, but that ends up costing you more as these local shops have higher rent which means you pay higher for the arrangement. Silicon Florist sells their bouquets strictly online so there is no overhead and no high renter’s fees, which results you in paying less for the flowers. There is no need to worry about the quality of the flowers, however, as they are still made by trained professionals in-house. So basically, Silicon Florist can give you all the benefits of a local shop without the negatives. Not only that, but all floral arrangements can even be delivered in less than 5 hours. This is expedited and courteous service not seen in many floral shops.

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Silicon Florist VS. LOCAL FLORIST

These are just some of the many reasons to choose Silicon Florist over wire services and local shops. These reasons aside, you want to deal with people who are not only fast but friendly as well. They pride themselves on sharing a passion with flowers not seen by many other florists. You have to have the personality in order to know which flowers go together and even recommend a bouquet for when you may not know what you are looking for. All of this knowledge and expertise comes at an affordable price at a fast speed; there is really no other reason to go to any other shop and after doing business with them the first time you will understand why.