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How to become a great florist?


You may be wondering, Well how can I become a great florist? For one, you must be aware that flowers have a huge aspect on making people smile and feel happy. Below you will find the three basic requirements to become a florist of SiliconFlorist.


1) Educational Attainment- For someone to become a florist it does not require a formal education. In fact as long as you are passionate and have a desire to arrange and come up with a good flower design you can become a florist. For you to widen your knowledge and skills on the arrangement of flowers it is good to have an educational background on flower designing, horticulture, and a few others related to becoming a florist.

 2) Personality-You would need to have great communication skills in order to serve your clients with all their needs. Also it is good to have a pleasing personality so you can handle many different types of customers.

 3) Accreditation-It is highly recommended that you look for accreditation to be a certified florist. Being accredited by a florist association is a wonderful way to claim that you are an efficient and real florist.