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Plants Caring Guide - House Plants Guide By SiliconFlorist

care for plants

Simple Steps for Keeping your Houseplants Alive

Getting a houseplant for a gift is always nice, but you feel horrible when it dies because you don’t know how too care for it. If you don’t have a green thumb it can feel impossible to keep a plant alive and thriving, but it really isn’t impossible at all. There are a few simple things you can do to keep your plants alive rather then sending them to the grave.

 Read Care Instructions

The first thing you should do when you get a houseplant as a gift is read the care instructions that come with it. Most plants come with care instructions that give a detailed outline of how to keep your plant alive and thriving. Reading these instructions and following them can keep you from becoming a plant killer.

 Ease Up on the Water

A lot of people think more water is better when it comes to caring for their houseplants. Unfortunately, this is far from the truth. The amount of water that is needed for your plant varies depending on what kind of plant it is. If water collects at the bottom of the pot it can cause root rot, which will kill your plant. Some plants need to dry out between waterings, while others need constant moisture. The best way to know how much water your plant needs is to read the care instructions.

 Water on Schedule

Not watering your houseplant enough is just as bad as over watering it. You should always check the care instructions to learn how much water your plant needs. You can also stick your finger in the soil. If the soil is dry chances are it needs to be watered. when you water your plant make sure the water drains through the holes in the bottom of the pot.

 Proper Lighting

All plants need some light, but some need more than others. Assuming your plant will be best off sitting on the windowsill is a mistake. You will know if your plant is getting too much light because the leaves will change color or turn brown. If a plant isn’t getting enough light it may stop growing properly or it may be craning toward the source of light. Again the best way to know how much light you plant needs is to check the care instructions. Most plants need bright filtered light.

 Too Hot, Too Cold

Most plants thrive in the same temperatures that we do. Usually your plants will do well in temperatures between 65 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Be mindful of putting a plant too close to the window if its freezing outside. Also be mindful of leaving your plants near heat and air conditioning vents.

 Pinch Off Dead Blooms

If you have a flowering plant you might need to pinch off old blooms to encourage new growth. When the blooms on a plant turn brown they need to be removed. Grab the wilted bloom by the stem and use your other hand to pluck off the entire bloom.

 Repot When Necessary

Houseplants can become bound by the container they are in. Most plants outgrow their container within one to two years. When you plant outgrows its container you want to repot it in a larger container with fresh soil. Or your can plant it outside. When your plants leave start to turn yellow it is time to repot it. You may also notice the roots are growing out the bottom of the plants container.


Houseplants depend on the soil they are potted in for nutrients. Adding houseplant food to the soil can help keep your plants alive and thriving. Check the label on the houseplant food for instructions because over fertilizing can kill your plants. You should also make sure you buy the right fertilizer because different plants need different nutrients.

 Don’t Relocate

Plants don’t like to be moved around a lot. It is best to find a place where your houseplant thrives and leave it in that location. If a plant has to adjust to new surroundings it can be rough on it. It may even affect its health. If you have to move a plant move it somewhere where the light and temperature is similar.