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How To Choose The Flowers On Various Occasions

Flowers are sent for nearly every occasion. You can send flowers for a wedding, or a funeral, an anniversary, or a child’s birth. Ultimately what kind of flowers you send on which occasion will depend upon the recipient, but if you have no clue what kind of flowers to send we can help. The following guide will help you pick flowers for nearly any occasion you can think of.


It is best to send seasonal flowers for someone's wedding. In the spring pale delicate flowers work best. In the fall dark richer colors are optimal.


Seasonal flowers are the best because they are less expensive and you can get the most bang for your buck. If you are sending the flowers to a couple you know consider a mixed bouquet. If it is your own anniversary you are celebrating consider a bouquet of roses.

 Birthday Florist From Bengaluru Florist Shop By Ravi

When you are sending someone birthday flowers the bouquet you choose should be bright and cheerful. If you know what flowers the recipient likes you should have them included in the bouquet. This will add a personal touch.


The poinsettia is by far the most popular type of flower to give as a gift for Christmas. They come in a variety of colors , so its easy to choose something the recipient will like. You can also send a bouquet of red and white flowers. Amaryllis are also a popular choice for Christmas bouquets.


White is the color scheme you want to go for when you are sending Easter flowers. Consider sending a bouquet of Calla Lilies. A bouquet of white roses is also appropriate. Carnations in shades of white also work well.

 Friendship Day

Friendship day is the perfect day to send flowers to you most treasured friends. The yellow rose is the ideal flower to send. A bouquet of yellow roses, or a mixed bouquet with yellow roses really says you care about your friendship.

 Valentine’s Day

You can’t go wrong sending roses on Valentine’s day. You can send a bouquet of red roses to the one you love. A bouquet of yellow roses to you best friend. Or a mixed color bouquet to anyone. If you don’t want to send roses consider a bouquet of lilies, they are fragrant and beautiful.

 Mother’s Day

Flowers are the perfect gift for Mother’s Day. Carnations bloom full so they make an ideal bouquet for mom. Fragrant narcissi are also nice. You can also send a bouquet of lily of the valley.

 Father’s Day

Contrary to popular belief it is acceptable to send men flowers. For Father’s day consider sending a bloom of roses. You can also send a bouquet of tropical flowers because they are sturdy and long lasting.

 Newborn Baby

When someone has a baby it is traditional to send them a bouquet of flowers. You want to pick brightly colored flowers to mark the occasion. Consider sending a bouquet of tulips. A bouquet of lilies mixed with brightly covered iris is nice too. Consider adding a stuffed toy to your bouquet. Balloons are also a nice touch to send with your bouquet.

 Sympathy Funeral

There is no better way to say you care then to send flowers to someone who is grieving. White flowers are traditional when you are sending funeral flowers. Consider sending a bouquet of gladiolas. A bouquet of white daisies or carnations works as well. White roses are also suitable for sympathy flowers.

 Get Well

When you aren’t feeling well the perfect way to get cheered up is a bouquet of flowers. When someone isn’t feeling well you want to send bright cheery flowers. Sunflowers are perfect. You can also send yellow roses. A bouquet of mixed color tulips is also a cheerful surprise.


To wish someone well in their new home you don’t need to go crazy searching for the perfect flower. Any simple mixed bouquet will do. Pick bright colors or pick colors that match the person’s decor.


To wish someone a happy graduation, lilies are the perfect fit. You can go with white lilies or get a combination of red, yellow and blue. Go with whatever the graduate would prefer.